Thursday, August 24, 2006

We can all do our bit for fairer trade

I have at last got round to affiliating to Fairtrade Chelmsford. I joined the demo in the High Street in July calling on Tony Blair to take action (see here).

We can all do our bit by buying fairly traded products. There is a list of shops in Chelmsford where we can do so on the Chelmsford Fairtrade site.

Where's the Springfield Road Crossing?

So what is happening with the pedestrian crossing in Springfield Road outside Tesco? I have just written an item for the local papers with Keith Francis and posted it on this website

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Have you ever tried to give something away to a new home rather than just throw it away? Been frustrated because charity shops did not want it? I have just discovered a group in Chelmsford where you can do just that: Chelmsford Freecycle is a local group of an international organisation where you may find someone who wants things you no longer need!

The Chelmsford Environment Partnership also has useful information.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stolen bicycles

I had a bicycle stolen from the cycle shed at Chelmsford station (that is supposed to be locked during the day) last October. So I was delighted to see that someone is taking action on the subject over at Bikes of Chelmsford. I hope he has more luck than me in getting answers from British Transport Police and 'one' railway.

Housing / development in Chelmsford: RSA meeting

On 8 June I attended the RSA Coffeehouse Challenge Chelmsford
but I have just found this blog with notes from the meeting. I am keen to see as much public debate as possible in Chelmsford about what kind of new development there should be in the Borough and where it should all go and this event covered some of the key issues.

Off we go!

To blog or not to blog that is the question.... Or has been for some time. I don't want the blog world to take over from the real world - it is all too easy to sit at the PC clicking and tapping away. And there are just so many different on-line places I could be writing this as well.

So it will just be the occasional observations about what is going on in and around Chelmsford, Essex. From Stephen Robinson the Liberal Democrat activist (not the more famous SR who flies space shuttles, or the one who writes in the Daily Torygraph, or the one who sells tractors in Northern Ireland).