Friday, February 09, 2007

When is a box of tissues a house brick?

Answer: when it's launched from the parcel shelf in your car due to coming to a crash stop. That was just one of the scary things I heard at a road / car safety talk at my son's school today. The Road Safety Officer told us that a woman driver was killed when she was hit on the back of the head by a flying tissue box.

Another driver bled to death after the artery in her neck was cut by a flying CD.

Everyone went home to tidy up their car!

And as far as the children are concerned (the main aspect of the talk): in a class of 30 children, 2 can expect to be killed or seriously injured in a road accident before their 16th birthday. Most serious child pedestrian accidents happen on quiet residential roads.

Another, rather serious, public service announcement......

Disposing of an old monitor

Yet more ways to dispose of old recyclables. Looks like I have found of a way to dispose of that 16 year old monitor that has been gathering dust. And Dell, apparently, will take them away for you. Disposing of an old monitor... from Ask Jack

Friday, February 02, 2007

More Falklands soldiers killed themselves afterwards than were killed in battle

I have just read the shocking statistic that more Falklands conflict veterans have committed suicide in the 25 years since it happened than were killed in the actual fighting. If we are going to ask people to fight for us, the least we can do is look after them properly afterwards. The story was in The Observer on 14 Jan. (must keep up with the newspapers!)