Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Action not words on climate change

Today the Liberal Democrats called on Parliament to back the 10:10 campaign on climate change. Sadly, the Labour Government whipped their troops to vote down any specific action (see Hansard report) - following the lead of Conservative Essex County Council, who showed the same lack of action last week.

This campaign calls for 10% cuts in carbon dioxide emissions during 2010. The Liberal Democrat news item on the debate is here and there is a short film by Simon Hughes MP here.

By 297 votes to 226, the House of Commons this evening voted down the proposal. Here's what Sarah Teather MP had to say about it.

Here in Chelmsford, I'm backing the 10:10 campaign and supporting the Chelmsford Climate Change conference on 4th December.

I've already cut my own carbon as our new (to us) car is smaller than our old one, emitting about 12% less CO2, but there is more I (and all of us) can do. There is more about the Greener Chelmsford campaign here.


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