Friday, February 06, 2009

Immigrants not taking our jobs - part 2

I blogged in the summer about how it was rubbish that immigrants were taking "our" jobs. There has been a big row again this last week involving foreign workers. This all suits the Labour government (and the Conservatives who invented most of the deregulation) - to divert attention from their central role in creating the problems we face.

It is worth remembering that our collective national income would fall dramatically if we were out of the EU and also that twice as many British people live and work in the EU than EU citizens work here. So any ban on "foreign workers" would hit us more - and we would have 500,000 Brits coming 'home' - possibly to be unemployed.

Update: see this article in the East Anglian Daily Times: Migrant workers 'going home'


At 06 February, 2009 03:50, Blogger Manfarang said...

It was the grim recession of the early 1980s that drove me and thousands of others out of the UK to find work.Large numbers of British people work in the Gulf and other countries outside of the EU.Many of us pay our N.I.and save our money in British bank accounts.(I never thought I would have to worry about wonky British Banks!)In most countries our income is not tax free.I am sure many of us would have great difficulty finding a job if we came 'home'.


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