Thursday, October 02, 2008

Chelmsford Tories waste £'000k on Riverside consultants

So - the realities of the property market have finally caught up with the ruling Conservatives on Chelmsford council. Their plan to build 400 flats etc. on the car park of Riverside leisure centre is set to be dropped. The Lib Dem plan (ditched when the Conservatives took over the council) would have built a new leisure centre on a more appropriate site, with a range of leisure facilities in one place.

Chelmsford's Lib Dem leader Mike Mackrory said “I warned the Conservatives that the project was fatally flawed. To demolish the centre, then rebuild and then build luxury apartment blocks was always going to be hugely costly.

“A great pity our views were not listened to, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of council tax payers money wasted on consultants’ fees.” Full story in Chelmsford Weekly News.

Local resident and leisure centre user Richard Brotherton has more questions to pose to the leader of the council on his blog.

The Agenda for the council cabinet meeting to make the decision is on the council site.


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