Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Off we go!

To blog or not to blog that is the question.... Or has been for some time. I don't want the blog world to take over from the real world - it is all too easy to sit at the PC clicking and tapping away. And there are just so many different on-line places I could be writing this as well.

So it will just be the occasional observations about what is going on in and around Chelmsford, Essex. From Stephen Robinson the Liberal Democrat activist (not the more famous SR who flies space shuttles, or the one who writes in the Daily Torygraph, or the one who sells tractors in Northern Ireland).


At 24 August, 2006 15:11, Blogger Neil said...

Welcome to blog world and thanks for your comment.

To Greece or not to Greace, that is the question ...

Deputy headteachers getting younger? No I just think I have been at the right place at the right time.

At 12 October, 2006 18:59, Blogger Chris Black said...

Hi Stephen... a belated welcome to the blogosphere. Yes, don't let blogging take over, you have other important things to do to!


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