Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tories don't really care about the environment - part 2

The Chelmsford Community Plan to 2021 fails to put protecting the environment at the absolute heart of local strategy. It opens by saying:
Our Vision
Our long term vision is for Chelmsford to become the economic, cultural, leisure and retail heart of Essex and a leading regional centre in the East of England. It is a vision for the future of the Borough and its people – for Chelmsford Tomorrow.

Yes, the environment is one of five main themes later on (the fourth one, though), but when Chelmsford is facing massive development, you might expect the sustainability of all this development to be front and centre i.e. integral to the overall objective.

The Plan, in particular its impact on the North West Chelmsford, was discussed today at a forum meeting. The presentation from some residents of that neighbourhood was uplifting and can hopefully be copied elsewhere.

The community plan was adopted by the Borough Council on Wednesday night, and is linked to in the Council Agenda.


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