Thursday, March 13, 2008

Non-emergency number to call Essex Police

It should be easier to phone Essex police now when you have a non-urgent query. The new number is 0300 333 4444. This is one of the new numbers that begin 03: they are charged at the same rate as 'landline' 01245- / 020- numbers, so it is included in inclusive minutes packages from phone companies. (Further explanation on the police website.)

Well done Essex Police for keeping costs down for callers, unlike Mid Essex Hospitals who use the fairly expensive 0844 numbers (and, even worse, other organisations including some Government departments who use 0870 numbers).

Nick Clegg is campaigning against these cost burdens as part of the Lib Dem campaign against Faceless Britain.

To avoid 0870 numbers, I often use the excellent SayNoTo 0870 website.


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