Thursday, April 03, 2008

Poverty gap has not narrowed under Labour | Politics | The Guardian

Higher national taxes under Labour; higher local taxes under the Conservatives (up 5% in Chelmsford) and today we learn that the Poverty gap has not narrowed under Labour. A number of lower-paid people will be WORSE off next week, when the 10% starting rate of tax is abolished. Apparently some Labour MPs are surprised about this (according to the reports in The Guardian). If only they had listened to David Laws or Vince Cable at the time.

No wonder everyone is feeling under pressure.


At 08 April, 2008 20:10, Blogger Chris said...

It's also shameful that they are calculating inflation at 2% and negotiating public sector pay rises accordingly. The rises in energy costs, rent, council tax, petrol etc. mean that the level of inflation for basic costs of living is much higher. Instead the gov't are getting their figure by offsetting it with the reduction in price of upmarket technological goods. With the price of food about to go up as well, it's pretty shameful that Labour has abandoned the less well-off and isn't doing anything about it (building more than 1,600 social houses in ten years might be a good place to start). Instead they choose to redistribute income from the least well-off to the middle-classes.


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