Friday, April 18, 2008

Global warming WORSE than estimated

Last Saturday I was in local shopping centres with fellow Lib Dems, asking for support for a "Fair Deal for Chelmsford" and for a "Greener Chelmsford". One person asked whether global warming really is as bad as some have said. "Aren't some scientists saying it's not true?" he asked. "A few" I replied "but the vast majority are agreed that there is a really serious problem." And today is an article in The Guardian from the Government's climate change expert suggesting it could be worse than thought: "I underestimated the threat" says Stern.

So instead of backing massive road building projects, perhaps local Conservatives should be looking at reducing the need to drive. (They want to widen the A12 all the way to Colchester; build a major North East Chelmsford by-pass and build two new roads in/out of Chelmsford town centre.) A mile of rail track costs £40 million and a mile of motorway £79 million. Can we not prioritise greater capacity on the rail network? It desperately needs it.


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