Friday, October 19, 2007

If one is a long time, two weeks is an age

Breathless: two weeks ago we were all set for a General Election - leaflets drafted; canvassing ready to go. One week ago I was on the TV discussing why it was not happening and also the Pre-Budget Report (see Anglia Late Edition here) . I observed that it was odd that Labour and the Conservatives should talk about tax cuts for the seriously rich, while ignoring the hard-pressed majority of the population - who will see council tax bills rise by double the rate of inflation for at least the next three years.

On Saturday Ming Campbell told our regional conference that he was staying but on Monday he resigned, while I was at the House of Lords with other candidates from winnable seats. So on Tuesday I was on BBC Essex paying tribute to him and looking at the likely candidates for new leader. We know that Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg are standing; and probably no-one else.

I would have liked to have seen Steve Webb adding something to the debate. But I guess you need extremely thick skin; extraordinarily tolerant family; new ideas for the future, and the ability to put them all across clearly. Members need to be paid up on 31st October in order to vote - and can join here.


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