Friday, August 24, 2007

The budget of the EU : how is your money spent?

I know UKIP (and most of the press) never let the facts get in the way of their anti-European prejudices. But here are some of those crucial facts. Including how very little the EU actually spends, as a share of our total, collective income - 1% in fact. Not to mention that the EU Commission actually employs FEWER people than Essex County Council. See it all at The budget of the EU : how is your money spent?


At 24 August, 2007 09:48, Blogger Tristan said...

That doesn't take into account the cost of the CAP to consumers in higher food costs though. Or other regulatory costs (although that's not just an EU problem, its a UK government problem too).

UKIP etc seem more concerned about the laws coming from Brussels - to which we should have two responses:
1) Parliament should scrutinise them properly rather than just let them through
2) Reform of the EU to make it more accountable and give the parliament supremacy and to stop it passing so many laws and to really take into account subsidiarity rather than seeking to micro-manage everything (ie localism - again a problem Westminster has as well)

I'm very frustrated that the LibDems will not take this sort of stance strongly - it seems in line with our principles - internationalist and pro-EU but a /liberal/ EU not a socialist or natioanlistic EU.


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