Monday, August 13, 2007

Help Little Jack Strike Back - Campaign to stop formula milk promotion in the UK

I am backing the campaign to stop the advertising of formula milk in the UK, because a mother's own milk is best: Help Little Jack Strike Back

Although illegal since 1995, baby milk companies are still advertising formula products by taking advantage of loopholes in the law. NCT, Save the Children and UNICEF UK are calling on the government to tighten the laws and to adopt a complete ban on the advertising of all formula milk products so that parents can access impartial information on the best way to feed their baby.

Their joint report, "A weak formula for legislation: how loopholes in the law are putting babies at risk", was released on the 7th August and calls on the government to:

* ban the promotion of all types of formula including ‘infant formula’ (for babies six months and under) and ‘follow-on-formula’ (for babies over six months)
* stop formula milk companies from using their company name or logo on leaflets and in magazines as a form of advertising

Said the NCT: "How a baby is fed has profound health implications for both mother and child. It is very important that all parents, those that use formula and those that breastfeed, have access to reliable information based on evidence that is free from commercial pressure, in order to make the right decision for their child."


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