Monday, June 18, 2007

What has Europe ever done for us ?

Just come across the website What has Europe ever done for us? with a short film attempting to answer the question. And also this short BBC film A guide to the EU Parliament

While on the subject, it's worth noting that the EU is not responsible for all the new house building or for regional assemblies, or sharing personal data across Europe.

In fact, these are all down to the Labour Government, who have been Taking Our Liberties since 1997.

If we had a more open debate about Europe, the anti-Europeans would not be able to get away with so much rubbish. Which is the thinking behind the Speak Up Europe programme, and the Lib Dems opening their draft Europe policy to public consultation.


At 19 June, 2007 00:17, Blogger jonthanfryer said...

You are absolutely right, Stephen -- which is why it is important that LibDem voices of reason make themselves heard, both within the party#s policy consultation process and in the wider national forum. We are not Euro-freaks (as our opponents would portray us), but positively critical believers in true Euro-engagement, and are fed up of successive red and blue governments missing the Euro-bus, and then complaining.


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