Thursday, September 13, 2007

London matters to us too

With nearly 20% of Chelmsford's population heading into London for work every day, what happens there (particularly with transport) matters to us too. So, though I cannot vote to choose the Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor, I will be taking a keen interest in who is finally selected.

There is an excellent shortlist from which London members can choose - former 'top cop' Brian Paddick clearly knows how to really cut crime - from a liberal perspective; Fiyaz Mughal has loads of experience as a councillor and campaigner; and Chamali Fernando brings her experience as a London barrister.

Any one of them would be a real match for the two comedians likely to be fielded by the other parties.

London Lib Dem Alex Wilcock writes, engagingly as ever, about the contest here.

The official selection News Release from Lib Dem HQ is here.


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