Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Green Drinks

The next Chelmsford Green Drinks is this Thursday, 9th November. It is an occasional get-together for the environmentally minded.

Email from Daniel:-
We meet from about 7.30pm. There's no agenda, just a chance to meet & network and have a (very fine real) beer and catch up on what is happening and what we're doing here for sustainability - perhaps it would be interesting for those of you with policy interests to share some ideas about responses to the Stern Report here in the land of Range Rovers and wide screen TV?

Venue: The Queen's Head, Lower Anchor Street Many thanks to Mike Collins at the Queen's Head for his hospitality and lovely beer. It's a 5-6 min walk from Chelmsford railway station, or about £2.50 in a taxi. Map and directions on the pub's website (above), and a car park with some sturdy bike racks too.

Who: Anyone interested in or working in or studying environmental or sustainability issues (so tell your friends & colleagues about it too). Why: For enjoyment, new contacts, a drink, some info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure.

When you get there: Go to the back of the pub (where the old church pews are) and ask someone if they're with Green Drinks.

PS To get ONTO the email list, send an email

Looking forward to seeing you at the Queen's Head.

Daniel Kenning, on behalf of Chelmsford Green Drinks


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