Friday, October 27, 2006

Direct link to Eurostar delayed

Most disappointed to learn that we will not be able to hop on Eurostar trains at Stratford until 2009.

"Unfortunately, although Stratford International will be completed along with the rest of the CTRL infrastructure in 2007, it will not open until 2009 when the high-speed commuter train fleet is ready to begin operating, even though Eurostar trains will be passing through it from late 2007; this is the result of money-saving measures by Eurostar. [London Travelwatch press release & Times article, 12 Sep 06]"
From: - Channel Tunnel Rail Link:

Of course, if we had a Government that invested in rail development, we would have had this high speed rail link 10 or 20 years ago. The French managed it!

And we also learn that that the link will be further undermined: Channel tunnel rail freight will end unless Government acts - Lib Dems


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